Spring 2010 Explore Engineering Event for High School Girls- Designing Interactive Stomp Pad Games

Explore Engineering, Spring 2010

We held our fifth Explore Engineering event for high school girls April 9-10, 2010. We had 18 great students attend and everyone seemed to both have a great time and learn about engineering design.   Several of the girls had been to one or more of our previous events.  As usual the high school girls were very creative with the weekend design project.

We put together our most ambitious Explore project yet for this group.  The theme of the event was “Design, Dance, Disco” and students designed and built stomp pad games and laser disco prism/motor devices.   We had five teams each working collaboratively on their designs.  Students did everything from make their stomp pad switches to making LED based graphics to connect to their circuits.

Stomp pad games included: Twister Tic-Tac-Toe, Sweet Briar  Says (like the electronic version of the game Simon Says), Volcano Eruption w/David Bowie Theme, Piano Stomp Pad (to play classical music), and That’s the Way I Like It (designed to play the 1974 song from KC and the Sunshine Band).

You get what I meant about creativity now right?

To get an even better sense of the project (and our events for girls) you should really check out the photos on our Explore Engineering site here.

A special thanks goes out to the Sweet Briar engineering students that helped design, develop, and partly teach the high school students.  Thanks to Caroline, Lindsay, Scooter, Sarah J., Madeline, Sarah L., Elizabeth, Katelyn, and Kayla!  The high school girls always say that they really value the opportunity to work with Sweet Briar engineering majors.

We are looking forward to our summer Explore Engineering course.  More info is here.  We’ll be designing and creating robots/devices that play music (among other things…)!

I should point out that our Explore Engineering events for high school girls are currently supported by the National Science Foundation (STEP 0525388 and S-STEM 0850092 projects).

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  1. Emily says:

    What a great opportunity for girls! It’s wonderful to hear about girls becoming interested in engineering/technology fields. I think that more girls embrace these fields when they relate it to their other interests and hobbies. The names of their projects are fun and creative. Let’s keep making it fun and letting girls get creative in an effort to help them succeed in these subjects!

    Another opportunity for girls to explore programming/design/robotics is iD Tech Camps. They have summer programs on college campuses designed to not only get the creative juices flowing, but also to show girls how to make a career out of a hobby.

    Keep those creative juices flowing girls!