Sweet Briar Engineering at 2011 NYC/NJ FIRST event

Just in case we have any blog readers in the NY/NJ area, we will have a booth set up at the NYC FIRST Celebration.  We will have faculty representation there Friday March 11 and Saturday March 12.  Come by and say hi and pick up your free pink hard-hat!

If you don’t know much about FIRST, here is a blurb about their tournaments from their website:

As part of a FIRST team, kids get to apply math and science knowledge, solve problems, make decisions, communicate complex ideas, collaborate as part of a team, exercise leadership, manage resources, create and execute business plans – all essential skills in any successful technological enterprise.

FIRST competitions and tournaments are celebrations by which communities convey the importance of their students’ achievements in science and technology. FIRST celebrations are fun, energetic and filled with excitement.

In the same fashion that scholastic athletes experience the adulation of their communities, FIRST programs celebrate students’ prowess in science and technology. Kids are inspired and motivated to succeed.

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