senior engineering capstone presentation today

I posted a while back about our engineering capstone project with the good folks at EDISON2.  Today, April 28, our engineering majors will be doing their final presentation, come check it out.   Here is the blurb from Bethany Brinkman, the instructor for the course:

Please join the ENGR 451 Senior Capstone Design class for their final design and prototype presentation tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm in Heuer auditorium.  Working with Edison2, the class designed the seating layout for the next generation of the X-Prize winning Very Light Car. The seating system had to meet the needs of a family vehicle while still maintaining the constraints imposed by the car’s overall design goals, which included weight, size, orientation, and cost.  The class utilized a systems engineering approach and the Pahl & Beitz evaluation method in order to account for functionality, consumer appeal, structural integrity, federal safety regulation adherence, mass production feasibility, economical practicability, and ergonomical considerations.

By the way, I got a pretty funny photo of them at 3am last night….

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