Brazil update: Friday June 3, 2011

I have not had internet access much, sorry for the lack of updates.  There is lots I want to say though but I don’t have the internet time…  Here is quick update:

Our colleagues from St. Ambrose have joined us.  Dr. Jodi Prosise, the main organizer from St. Ambrose, and general Superwoman is here.  We have learned and experienced even more about Brazilian culture.  Most of us are now staying with host families and are out of the hotel.  Our host families have been very generous.  The food continues to be fantastic.

We visited a Cargill cocoa facility and learned more about cocoa and its economic importance.

We have twice visited a state university in Bahia (Universidad de Estadual de Santa Cruz).  We toured labs and found out about various research projects.  One nice aspect of their research is that their work is generally tied directly to local and regional problems (ex. studying sustainable building materials that can be found in this area).  I wonder if faculty in the US might adopt this model even more.

We met engineering faculty and talked about ways to collaborate with our projects to help disabled folks here in Ilheus for the next year.   We really want to keep this work going.   They were eager to work with us and we really enjoyed the conversation.  It was also very interesting to hear the significant similarities between their issues in education and ours.  They are eager to have an exchange with our students.  I hope we can figure out a way to host their students at Sweet Briar.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide more updates.  The trip continues to be fantastic.  We’ll meet our clients next week.  We are very excited!





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