Brazil update: Tuesday, June 7

We have a great couple of days. Sorry for the lack of pictures here, I’ll post them when I get back. Over the weekend we had a Brazilian barbeque with some engineering faculty members from the university.  It was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a barbeque.  Lots of fun conversations and an amazing beach view.

On Monday we visited a sustainability development program.  They are up away from the beach in a pretty hilly part of Brazil.  The view from the top of their facility was absolutely amazing.

Today we visited the sloth sanctuary.    The sloths were rescued from the local area.  There were something like 27 sloths there.  We got to pet them.  Yes, they are super cute.

By the way, Prof. Jodi Prosise from St. Ambrose has more continuous internet access and has been posting lots of photos.  Her blog is at :

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