Engineering class trip to Brazil, post trip recap- clients and devices

In Mr. Milton's home, our client, with Patricia, Kellner, Sarah, and Prof. Pierce, one of the most moving moments of the trip

June 30, 2011

Meeting our clients, their families, and their health care workers in Ilheus was a highlight of the trip and of our semester long project  ENGR 232, Technology and Society: A Global Perspective.  We were all moved by the visits and the possibility that our devices might help increase the quality of life of our clientes.  In the end, we did leave several devices in Brazil.  Several others will continue to be worked on.  A prime example of this is the blink sensor communication device.  The therapists were excited about having several of the devices.  The trip made it even more clear to us that engineers indeed can make a difference in the world.  We look forward to continuing to work on these projects look forward to our next opportunity to travel to Brazil with devices.

Liz Koslow, SBC student, Patricia (faculty member from UESC, all around amazing person) and our client


Christine, with client

Lindsay Davis, SBC student, with writing device (designed by SAU students)

Sarah Lightbody and Kellner Pruett, SBC students

Liz, with client

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