Thanks to Sweet Briar engineering students and alums for another great Explore Engineering event!

The Margaret Jones Wyllie ’45 Engineering Program just hosted our third summer Explore Engineering course for high school girls.   We are all about getting young people to see that engineering is a creative and collaborative activity that is all about making a difference in the world.  The girls seemed to have a great time and as usual, they came up with some amazing designs.

We had 22 students from 9 states.  I’ll write a post about their week soon but first I wanted to thank the Sweet Briar engineering students that helped so much to prepare for the week, to help make it run smoothly, and to clean up the pretty massive mess that our open ended projects necessarily create.  Most importantly, they demonstrated their passion for engineering and were great role models for the high school girls.

Many thanks to…

Lindsay Davis (Engineering major ’13, Explore Engineering  ’09), far right, showing off the Lady Gaga jukebox she made with the PIC microcontroller, it played Beethoven as well.

Amanda Johnson (Engineering and Physics major ’14, Explore Engineering ’10) and Grace Caskey (Engineering major ’14)

Caroline Sorensen (Engineering and Environmental Science major ’12), on the right, helping an Explore Engineering student

Thanks also to alumnae who took part: MaryAnne Haslow-Hall (Engineering ’11, now engineer at Glad manufacturing), Christina Pappas (Engineering and Physics ’08, now graduate student in mechanical and aerospace engineering at UVA)

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