China blog #3, October 2011

Panda eating lunch

Panda eating lunch

We have now arrived in Shanghai, our last stop of our trip.

We flew from Xian to Chongqing several days ago.  China is amazing in so many ways.  What has really struck me is when we see a new town and are told “this is only a small town, it has 4 million people…” or something like this.

In Chongqing, we went to the zoo.  Our timing was perfect, they had just put food out for the pandas!

From Chongqing, we boarded our cruise ship on the Yangtze River.  The cruise was spectacular.  It was a very nice combination of natural beauty and relaxation.  I was excited to use apple facetime to show my wife the gorges in real time as we sailed (thanks Steve Jobs).  Near the end of the cruise we saw the Three Gorges power plant, the largest in the world (yes, amazing again).  When the cruise ended we flew from Yichang to Shanghai, a short 1.5 hour flight.   We are excited to see Shanghai for the next couple of days.


SBC in Xian, China













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  1. Golden Retriever Puppies says:

    I miss my neighbor’s Panda dear since I left China when I was 9 years old and went back to South Carolina. that Panda bear pic is gorgeous.